Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why Deadpool Saved A Certain ‘Sugar Bear’ In The Post Credits

***This article contains EXTREME spoilers for Deadpool 2, so if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out in theaters now! You’ve been warned!***


Who is Peter from the X-Force? Well, that’s quite simple, really. He’s you, he’s me, he’s the average everyday person that just wants to lend a helping hand to a slightly insane Merc with a Mouth and a team of super-powered strangers on a death mission to save a child he’s never met, from a guy with a robot arm from the future, all while totting no super abilities so to speak of. Get it now?




We first got introduced to Deadpool 2’s Peter in the trailers preceding the movie and that’s when all of the speculations started. Was Peter hiding some sort of secret ability no one was aware of? How was he going to become an integral part of the X-Force on this important mission?




Well, all of that basically went out of the window when we saw Peter die gruesomely right along with the rest of the X-Force, save Domino and Deadpool himself! It was a part of a huge ploy to trick the audience into thinking that they would be around for the long haul because that’s just what you CAN and SHOULD do if you’re ALLOWED to push the boundaries that far in a Deadpool movie.




In one interview, co-writer Paul Wernick spoke about how nerve-wracking it was to push the die button the way they did by killing off basically all of the X-force saying:

“I’d say yes, [we were nervous about the fan reaction]. Absolutely. Terrified. These are characters that childhoods grow up on. So the idea that Shatterstar just jumps out of a plane and dies, then yeah. But our test with Deadpool is, if you couldn’t do it in another superhero movie then you SHOULD do it in Deadpool. It’s like we’re given the license to push the boundaries and it’s a boundary we definitely worry about. It’s shocking and crazy and funny and we built our whole marketing campaign around these guys. People are coming to the movie thinking these guys are gonna team up and be part of this X-Force and in an instant, they’re all dead! Comedy trumped better judgment.”

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