Ryan Reynolds Plays The Deadpool XBox Game Horribly To Promote ‘Deadpool 2’

Arguably, the most effective marketing method for Deadpool 2 is Ryan Reynolds himself. The actor has basically embodied his character so well that we forget that Deadpool wasn’t actually made for Reynolds, or that Wade Wilson is a character and not just Ryan Reynolds in a costume.


It’s been a long time coming, but the second film is finally on the verge of release, and early reviews have said that this one is better than the first. And if by “better,” the critics mean more sarcastic and bloody, then we’re on board. With the press tour for the second film well underway, Reynolds spent some time in London and took the time to showcase other Deadpool products besides the film (since, you know, Reynolds is Deadpool, why not cross-promote).




Irish gamer jacksepticeye, aka Sean William McLoughlin, invited Reynolds to play the Deadpool Xbox 360 game with him while talking about the upcoming film. While the actual gaming aspect didn’t go so well, we did learn some things about Deadpool 2.


The jokes in the film were all improved, except not exactly. When asked whether the jokes that made the cut into the film are improvised or pre-scripted, Reynolds answered,”It’s a healthy dose of both.” As some fans may or may not know, Reynolds began his career in Hollywood as an improv comic, so he is familiar with creating a full canvas of jokes for a scene, and his skills were put to the test in Deadpool 2, especially since he was given more control of what lines the film should and not cross.




“A lot of the jokes, I’ve written 10 options for one joke, so a lot of the times I’ll just keep going as they’re rolling,” Reynolds continued. He went on to say that in the writer’s room, he would constantly act out the jokes and scenarios to see which ones work the best. It looks like this work has paid off because most of the jokes that the team wanted had indeed made it to the screen, at least according to Reynolds.


The pair also talk about costumes and prosthetics for the film, how terrifying Josh Brolin is, and much much more. Check out the full interview with Ryan Reynolds and Jacksepticeye below, just don’t get your hopes up about Reynolds’ video game skills.



Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, 2018. Spoiler Alert, don’t expect to see any Hugh Jackman in the film, because according to Reynolds in this interview, he’s “never heard of him.”


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