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Ryan Reynolds Joins Google As Deadpool To Answer The Hard-Hitting Questions

The marketing team behind Deadpool 2, which certainly must include Ryan Reynolds, is pulling out all of the stops in preparation for the film’s release on May 18th in theaters across the globe. While they may not have the marketing budget the size of Avengers: Infinity War, they do have something that the team at Marvel Studios doesn’t… A Merc with a Mouth that is willing to say and do whatever is necessary to make sure every one of his fans is aware that the latest Deadpool extravaganza is opening in theaters next week.




What is Wade Wilson doing differently you ask? Well, for starters, he joined with Celine Dion in a music video (WATCH HERE) where he danced his anti-hero heart out for the world. He has also cracked jokes at the expense of the film studio that is making his film, and he also took aim at Teen Titans Go! To The Movies after their trailer used him as the butt of a joke.





Now, Deadpool is showing up with Google by answering some of the hardest hitting questions around right now. Here are a few of the questions Ryan Reynolds, dressed as Deadpool, answered…

Should I watch Deadpool 2 with my parents? Are you asking if you couldn’t line up a date or is it because you’re not 17 yet? Either way, the answer’s yes.

Did Ryan Reynolds really play the piano in La La Land? Absolutely! He also earned critical acclaim for his role in The Notebook and the TV series Young Hercules. Player!

Who is Deadpool? Witty superhero, wears a red suit, friendly neighborhood kind of guy, lives with an old woman, might shoot webs.

Is the Earth flat? If I’m looking at a globe? Well, I say no. But if I’m looking at a crisp map laid out on the desk? I say no.


To watch the videos of him answering the questions, all you need to go is go to Google and type in Deadpool 2, scroll down a bit, and click play. They’re as funny as we’ve come to expect from Mr. Wade Wilson. Also, go see him when Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18th! And for those in Europe…



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