Ryan Reynolds Explains Why He Felt Like Deadpool 2 Post-Credit Scene Was ‘Cheating’

Warning: Major Deadpool 2 Spoilers Ahead


When you have a film that’s as hard-hitting and ground-breaking as 2016’s Deadpool, it’s hard to follow that up with a sequel that even comes close to its original. Yes, we said ground-breaking. While there have been comicbook films that came with an R-rating in the past, nothing used the vulgarity and violence quite like Deadpool while still having the amount of heart it did. With its release being sandwiched in between Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool 2 may not reign on top for very long, but its level of quality is most certainly there.




Not only did we get the Wade Wilson we know and love, we also got introduced to a number of characters that will have a long-term impact on Marvel’s Mutant Universe… and some that didn’t stay around very long. One of the more funny additions was Peter, the man with no powers who got the X-Force job simply by showing up. Watching him bite the dust as quickly as he did was a little disappointing, albeit hilarious, but that’s one of the reasons the post-credit scene worked so well. Deadpool was able to save him and send him home with the aid of time travel.




During an interview on the Empire Podcast, Ryan Reynolds explained that saving Peter was the entire point of the post-credit scene, originally. “The entire tag to the movie…was actually initially conceived as a scene with Peter. The whole thing was a scene with Peter, just because we loved Peter,” he said. After they had that idea, director David Leitch came to Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick with the full idea for the time-travel scene, something Ryan was initially against…

“I was like ‘No, we can’t bring Vanessa back! That’s cheating!’ Rhett, Paul, and I thought, ‘Fine, if we’re going to go back to save Vanessa, then let’s bring back Peter, let’s kill Baraka-pool, and let’s execute Ryan Reynolds.’”




That’s the beautiful thing about Deadpool as a character, he’s so different from everything else, including the way the fans connect with him and his humor, that you can do things differently from the norm and still have them accepted. As long as it’s done with the proper tact and humor, anything is possible. As for the Empire Podcast, check out the full interview below!



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