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Russo Brothers Discuss ‘Avengers 4’ Wrapping Up What They Started With ‘Winter Soldier’

In films, it’s not unusual to have multiple storylines and character arcs that weave in and out of each other until the finale. What’s special about creating something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is you can expand on these concepts and have them stretch across multiple films and franchises. This is something that Joe and Anthony Russo have embraced ever since they started directing films in the MCU with Captain America: Winter Soldier.




Not only have the Russo Brothers embraced the challenge of bringing all of the MCU films together with Avengers: Infinity War, but between them and the writing team behind the MCU films they’ve helmed, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, they’ve been building their own personal narrative. Their four-film arc started with Winter Soldier, continued through Captain America: Civil War, and will finish with Infinity War and Avengers 4.




While doing press for Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo sat down with Spin 1038, and Joe spoke about their experience directing these films…

“For us, this was the challenge of telling the story but also completing the personal journey that we started as storytellers in Winter Soldier. So the story that began in Winter Soldier and that ends in Avengers 4 is a, there’s a very personal arc there for us. I think you’ll understand our point of view as filmmakers and who we are as people when you watch all four of those movies together.”



Anthony Russo expands upon Joe’s point on PAGE 2…