Rogue And Gambit Clones On The Attack In New Comicbook

The cycle of tortured romance continues with a little help from a hard hittin’ southern bell and card slingin’ Cajun in a brand new comicbook series that promises to deliver. Rogue and Gambit #3 just came out this month and it looks like there really is no love lost between the two X-Men! Their on-and-off relationship over the years has kept readers on their toes wondering if things will ever work out between the lovers, given their obvious and tangible attraction. This new issue may give things a little perspective, given their rocky history.




Rogue and Gambit #3 picks up with the couple after a recent battle and years into them having a relationship of one kind or another. They land themselves in a paradise-like island couples retreat, for some much needed TLC. But as one might expect, nothing is ever for certain when it comes to Marvel Comics.




It seems like it’s a while before Rogue and Gambit realize that there is a real danger on the way, and by the time it hits them, it is almost too late. On any given day, you wouldn’t want to bet your luck against the duo. Gambit is as crafty as ever, and with his mastery over kinetic energy, things tend to go boom! Rogue is no joke either, don’t let the sweet tea accent fool you. She’s quick to throw hands under any given circumstance.




But things do get a little complicated when they are up against multiple clones of themselves all looking like a decades throwback party. Talk about a blast from the past!

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