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These Limited Edition Rock Album Covers Are The Ultimate Marvel Mash-Up

When you think comic books, rock ‘n’ roll may be the last association you make. Sure, there are artists who love their four-panel adventures, and others who let their geek flag fly proudly. But there’s not a real connection between the wild and crazy dynamic of a life in service of your sound and the nerd-based obsession with the latest adventures of Peter Parker or Dr. Bruce Banner.

Smells Like Rocket Raccoon…Spirit!


Still, as times change, so does the fan base and those who make up the next generation of Marvel magicians. As the demo diversifies, as the idea of who read (and better still, collects) comics changes, we see the medium matching the new interest. One of the more unique ways comes in the form of specialty issues and covers. Not just a mere collector’s item, it’s a way of piquing the curiosity of someone who might not otherwise pick up the latest X-Men or Captain America title.

Asgard Calling!


One of the more clever ones recently takes us right back to the front of the stage, as guitarists rip through power chords with the help of a beat-pounding percussive rhythm section. Yes, Marvel is mashing-up some classic album covers with their characters, coming out with a line of limited editions this September. You can see four of them in this article. The fifth will not be announced until closer to the release date.

Welcome To The Jungle, You Inhumans


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