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These Limited Edition Rock Album Covers Are The Ultimate Marvel Mash-Up

If You Could Smell In Space…It Would Smell Like Teen Spirit


The first cover effort is by artists Mike Hawthorne and Nathan Fairbairn. This furry and intelligent Guardian Of The Galaxy takes a deep dive through outer space, taking Spencer Elden’s place as a tiny money-hungry centerpiece of Nirvana’s Nevermind album. While Rocket Raccoon is known for his masterful grasp in tactical warfare and leadership, this monetary offer was just too good to pass up. Rocket’s character was named after the Beatles’ song “Rocky Raccoon”. Perhaps Gideon’s Bible would work just as well as the single bill floating through the stars.

An Asgardian Hammer’s Clash


Here we see the female Thor smashing her hammer to the ground the same way Clash bassist Paul Simonon did on the London Calling album. The lettering on the original album was a huge nod to the king of rock n’ roll, Elvis Presley, from the punk band. This is the result of Marco Rudy’s combination of the two mediums of music and comics.

Out Ta Get Kree

These Attilan¬†creations of the terrigen mist are perfectly suited for this album cover considering how polarizing to humanity they have been throughout the years. Even the original Appetite For Destruction cover was seen as controversial by Guns N’ Roses’ record company, and later replaced by the iconic cross and skulls. Black Bolt taking the place of Axl Rose is more than appropriate due to the immense power of his voice. Although, the result of Black Bolt singing “Welcome to the Jungle” would most likely result in the destruction of Earth. Damion Scott brandished the brush for this album cover.


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