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Robert Downey Jr. Reveals His Favorite ‘Infinity War’ Scene!

It’s finally coming. All of the weight behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe accumulated over the last decade to be felt in one mega-blockbuster hit next month in theaters. Question is, are you ready? When Thanos and the Black Order come knocking we can only hope that Earth’s mightiest heroes can protect the planet and also keep the Infinity Stones away from Thanos’ clutches. If they fail, more than likely he will wipe out half humanity in the snap of his fingers.




With Marvel teaming up with IMAX for the entire filming process, audiences are sure to get that larger than life feeling when they sit in theaters for the first time to watch Avengers: Infinity War. Most can agree that all of the hype and energy surrounding this particular film just feels different than previous efforts. It’s hard to tell what will happen, who will come out victorious, and how steep the casualties will be this time around, but the epic magnitude of this storyline will be felt through the beautiful cinematography that the studio is known for.




Iron Man/Tony Stark is going to play a centrifugal role in the film both as a leader and combatant. After the events of Civil War, it’s likely that the Avengers aren’t as unified and prepared for this threat as they should be. But thankfully, there will be help from newcomers to the MCU, including Doctor Strange and, of course, the Black Panther.




With so many promising aspects of this movie, actors involved in the project must have a hard time sorting through it all to figure out what points were their “favorite”, you know, if they had to choose. But not Robert Downey Jr! He’s already got his mind made up and spilled the beans recently in an interview.

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