A Robert Downey Jr. Marvel Interview May Be Giving Away An ‘Avengers 4’ Spoiler

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been looking for every clue possible that may be out there that can give us some sort of idea on what’s to come when Avengers 4 finally opens in theaters in May of next year. As much as we all dislike spoilers, we do enjoy being detectives ourselves and discovering clues that Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers didn’t intend on us seeing, and it looks like one eagle-eyed fan may have caught one. On the other hand, it may just be a coincidence and mean absolutely nothing. That’s kind of what makes this game fun.




Ever since Black Panther opened in theaters in February, there has been a growing group of fans that are anxious to see Shuri and Tony Stark pair up on screen. Shuri has the brightest mind in the MCU, and with her sharing the same universe as Stark and Bruce Banner, that’s saying a lot. There’s also growing speculation that Shuri, Stark, and even Banner may have to work together to create the device that allows the Avengers to travel through time with the use of the Quantum Realm. How all of this is actually going to happen is still to be seen, but the time travel idea is a popular theory, especially when you tie in the set photos.




To add fuel to the Shuri/Tony Stark fire, Twitter user @SpideySensesYou points out that Robert Downey Jr., looking just like the set photos from Avengers 4, is giving an interview from the set piece for Shuri’s Lab. This is leading him, and others, to speculate that this is the proof we’ve been waiting for in regards to the two connecting on screen. Could this be it? Of course it can, but it also may simply be where they were hosting the interviews. Regardless, take a look for yourself and see if it’s enough to believe.



He even went on to show proof that it was in fact, Shuri’s Lab, in case anyone forgot what it looked like.



Avengers 4 opens in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.


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