‘Rise Of The Black Panther’ Prequel Comic Teases Tension With Captain America

For those fans excited for the upcoming Black Panther film set to release in February 2018, Marvel’s comicbook Rise of the Black Panther will provide a peek to the time before T’Challa was king of his native Wakanda. The prequel will be centered around T’Chaka, his father and former ruler of the African monarchy.


Cap’s armor and shield design have given away some clues as to the time period and the forces involved. The possible World War 2 setting could be a callback to the 2010 Black Panther comicbook series Flags of Our Fathers, where Steve Rogers and the Howling Commandos journey to Wakanda to warn T’Chaka of the encroaching Nazi forces. Just like the tweets from writer Evan Narcisse denote, the Wakandan king wasn’t all too welcoming to Captain America at the start.


The good news is the pair eventually team up to take on the Axis powers in a thrilling display of heroics.

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