Release Date Of X-Men: Dark Phoenix Pushed Back Once Again, Along With Other Fox Films

The road to Jean Grey’s rightful story arc as Dark Phoenix seems to be getting longer and longer, much to the dismay of X-Men fans. Since the re-shuffling of the timeline after Days of Future Past, the unfavorable end to Jean Grey’s story had been wiped clean and the new Dark Phoenix film, starring Sophie Turner as Grey, could finally do the famous comicbook arc justice after years of waiting. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little longer than we thought for Dark Phoenix to return…


Just days after the explosive first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix dropped, 20th Century FOX has announced yet another change up of their release schedule which includes their Marvel movies.




The release date for Dark Phoenix has been changed from February 14, 2019, to June 7, 2019. This is the second delay in release for the film, which was originally set to release in November 2018.


FOX has also announced that this December will have the release of an “Untitled Deadpool Film,” as well. Clearly, it is too soon to have a completely new film ready for release just 6 months after Deadpool 2, so the speculation is on as to what the film will be and why the studio believes it warrants a four-month delay in Dark Phoenix‘s release.


Just after the news of another Deadpool release in December, Ryan Reynolds posted a vague picture on his Twitter that shows a Santa-Hat-wearing Deadpool reading a story to Fred Savage in what seems to be a parody of Princess Bride‘s premise. Perhaps some kind of Christmas special is to come? There have also been reports of a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 re-releasing in December, so maybe that’s the news. Nothing has been explicitly announced on that front as of yet, but it’s bound to happen soon.



The original FOX film set to release in June 2019 was Gambit, but given that filming has yet to begin and a director is still yet to be found, this film also got pushed back to a March 2020 opening. In accordance with this, Robert Rodriguez’s sci-fi manga adaptation film, Alita: Battle Angel, will be released on February 14, 2019, instead of it’s original December 21, 2018 date, replacing Dark Phoenix‘s spot.


This new schedule is rumored to be attributed to the FOX/Disney merger, which is set to be finalized next year. The release of many of the Marvel films under FOX studios have all been adjusted several times since the companies announced that Disney would be eventually acquiring characters like Deadpool, X-Men, and Fantastic Four, so this is not a big surprise.


So far New Mutants has not been pushed back any farther than it already has, so we can still expect it to come out on August 2, 2019. For now, at least!




While it seems that every step forward for Dark Phoenix comes with two steps back, let’s look at the bright side: this gives Simon Kinberg even more time to make sure that the movie is everything he and the fans have always dreamed Jean Grey’s leading debut would be. The film is in the process of doing re-shoots as we speak, so the extra four months will give also give the crew extra time to work on post-production after filming ends.


In the meantime, you can see our report on the first trailer for Dark Phoenix HERE


And also on the bright side, we can expect Deadpool…in some iteration, coming to theaters on December 21, 2019! And Dark Phoenix is set to release (for now) on June 7, 2019.