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Reimagining Your Favorite Marvel Films In Different Eras Through Classic Movie Posters

Imagine, just for a second, that the comicbook film boom of the last 20 years happened during another era. How would it look? How would it feel? Who would be playing our favorite characters?


Luckily we live in a time where talented artists are able to share their ideas across the world wide web. They can offer us a glimpse of how things could have been had they happened sometime else.


Graphic designer Peter Stults has reimagined some of our favorite films and created vintage movie poster themes that are truly epic. He didn’t stop there. He also tailored the cast to better fit the poster’s era. Great job Peter, and to all of the Marvel fans out there… Enjoy!



Replace Hugh Jackman with a young Al Pacino, throw in Anthony Hopkins as Professor Xavier, have the film directed by the outstanding Alan J. Pakula, and what do you get? A classic in any era!