The Real Reason Thor Didn’t Go For Thanos’ Head In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Although the plot of Infinity War isn’t any different on the home media release (all your faves still turn to dust, sadly) that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new things to learn. Thanks to the heaps of special features, we’ve been getting many new insights into the characters, their motivations, and even some of their mistakes. Lucky for us, the screenwriters, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, along with the Russo Brothers directing, made it their mission to fully immerse themselves into the minds of these many MCU characters we’ve come to know and love.




In terms of motivations, the audience can only guess why each character chose to do the things they did. While some actions seemed obvious, one can’t help but wonder if something had just gone slightly different, maybe Thanos wouldn’t have gotten all six Infinity Stones in that gauntlet of his.


One of those minuscule but very fateful actions was Thor’s final attempt at stopping Thanos right before he snapped his fingers and turned half the universe to dust. After Thanos destroyed Vision and gained the final Infinity Stone, Thor flew through the air with his new and powerful hammer, Stormbreaker and stabbed Thanos in the chest. While the blow seriously injured Thanos, it didn’t kill him and he still snapped his fingers, as fans know.




The commentary explains the reasoning behind Thor’s decision to go for the chest instead of somewhere more painful like, say, the arm (holding the gauntlet) or the head, as Thanos suggested. Markus said:


“It’s a small misstep on Thor’s part, to take this moment of revenge. As monumental as this moment is in cinema, my primary memory is Josh Brolin with a huge chest piece that made him look like one of the Fruit of the Loom guys, with a huge foam axe stuck in his chest.”


This just goes to show that even the mightiest of heroes will get caught up in the passion of revenge sometimes. The death of many of Asgard’s people, not to mention his dear friend Heimdall and his brother Loki is plenty of reason for vengeance. The fate of the universe would’ve literally been completely different had Thor decided to go for the head instead of the chest. But as we’ve learned in this film, the primal desire for revenge makes people do crazy things (that’s right Star-Lord, we mean you).




The screenwriters also acknowledged that a simple change of aim could’ve turned the tide in the Avengers’ favor. Markus said the following:

“The man who made the Gauntlet and the Axe provided Thor with the weapon that could defeat the Gauntlet. Unfortunately, he didn’t go for the head.”


Look at it this way, Thor’s aim may have cost us some tears at seeing the devastating results of the finger snap, but this still leaves us with he and the rest of the original Avengers to help make things right in Avengers 4. After all, Dr. Strange looked into the future, and it seems that Thor missing the mark was all part of some grander plan to eventually rescue everyone… we hope. Avengers 4 is coming to theaters on May 3, 2019. We have until then to speculate.


Avengers: Infinity War comes to home media on August 14, and is available on digital platforms now!