The Real Reason Thanos Waited To Acquire The Infinity Stones Is Revealed

Thanos was first revealed by Marvel as a big, bad future villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the end of the very first Avengers movie back in 2012. Since then, all roads have been pointing towards a battle for control of the Infinity Stones, an Infinity War if you will. The third installment in Avengers movies displayed the master plan of Thanos and proved that he’s more than a force to be reckoned with. It seemed almost too easy for him to accomplish his ultimate goal of wiping out half of life in the MCU, and he did just that with the snap of his fingers.




But many asked why would he wait so long to seek them out himself to accomplish the task? It’s not like he didn’t have the entire Black Order at his disposal alongside an army at his command. But still, we saw the Mad Titan wait it out in the background as other beings fought back and forth over the stones in a power struggle. Now, thanks to behind-the-scenes audio commentary in the Digital HD release of Avengers: Infinity War, we’re able to get inside of Thanos’ mind on a much deeper level to understand his logic behind being so patient.




Screenwriter Stephen McFeely and one of the directors, Joe Russo were able to explain the villainous strategy in mind, and it actually makes a whole lot of sense, all things considered. It turns out, it all comes down to the Soul Stone…

Stephen McFeely: “The catalyst for the whole movie was when Thanos… captured Nebula on his ship and rooted around in her brain and found out Gamora knew where the Soul Stone was.”

Joe Russo: “It’s the reason why he has not…”

McFeely: “Why he hasn’t gone after it before.”

Russo: “…Because the minute he does, the forces of the universe are gonna line up against him. If he doesn’t know where the Soul Stone is, then what is the point?”




The fact of the matter is that you can’t complete a puzzle even if only one piece is missing. For the longest time, the Soul Stone was that thorn in the side of Thanos. But as soon as he was able to find out more credible information on its location, we really did see some pep in his step in eliminating the keepers of the Infinity Stones to control them on his own. What do you think?


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