Professor Xavier’s Daughter ‘Hatches’ In All New ‘Mr & Mrs X #3’

Mr & Mrs X #3 is an exciting new comicbook issue that picks up with Rogue and Gambit just after they FINALLY got their act together and got married! Everyone couldn’t be more happy for them, but even so, the couple just really wanted some alone time to celebrate with one another. Gambit was able to secure a pretty awesome spaceship for them to have a remote honeymoon in the far reaches of space, away from the rest of the world, but nothing good lasts forever.




Kitty Pryde ends up alerting the couple in an earlier issue that the two X-Men are the only two close enough to help retrieve and protect a package. Sounds easy enough until Deadpool, the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, and Technet all show up looking for this same package, which turns out to be an egg!




When the egg hatches in the custody of Gambit, Rogue, and Deadpool (now helping for the time being) it reveals a young woman who looks exactly like Rogue! The mysterious young woman then proceeds to run naked around the cabin of the ship with Gambit and Deadpool close behind trying to cover her up. Rogue then gets Kitty Pryde on the line who’s back on Earth to try and figure out exactly what’s happening.




Turns out, Kitty knows much more about this egg than she initially let on, and the truth behind it all is pretty crazy!


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