Professor Gets Fooled By Brilliant Student’s ‘Fictional’ Presentation On Wakanda

Wakanda has easily become one of the most beloved places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after we were first introduced to the beautiful and thriving kingdom in Black Panther. Wakanda showed us a successful and rich culture kept under wraps in a completely self-sustaining country on the cutting edge of technological innovations on a global level. It wasn’t until the end of the film that King T’Challa, the Black Panther, brought the kingdom of Wakanda out of hiding and into the world to do what they could to make a difference to their neighbors around them, which took a lot of bravery. Now the whole world is yelling “Wakanda Forever” as loud as they can.




Naturally, the representation in the world of Black Panther and Wakanda has inspired many, from celebrities to the average comicbook reader and moviegoer. This certainly was the case for a young college student, Reddit user AlexeyShved1, who learned everything that there is to know about Wakanda’s history including the Black Panthers who came before T’Challa. This guy is a true believer to the max!


School projects, especially those that involve tediously digging into the past for a country’s history to which you feel no connection with can feel boring. So why not have a little fun with it like this student did? Rather than sticking to the expected curriculum, he took a chance on doing his entire 11-minute presentation on the Kingdom of Wakanda.




The student shared his entire presentation with the class, and although most of the other students were in on what was going on, the teacher had absolutely no clue. She must be one of the few who is really out of touch with the impact that Black Panther has had on the world of cinema and judging from the video, never saw the film for herself.


In any case, this guy should get a boatload of vibranium at the very least an A+ for this fantastic presentation on the kingdom of Wakanda. He really dives deep into the culture, history, and what makes the country tick. You can tell that it’s not just a prank, but something that he is really enthusiastic about, and who can blame him? Wakanda Forever! You know you want to say it…

Take a second and check out the full presentation from this student in the video below!


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