The Academy Awards Just Created A Popularity Oscar So We Chose The Past Decade’s Winners

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences caused quite the stir with folks when they announced that they would be adding a category to recognize “Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film.” For some, the thought of this is positive as it gives our favorite blockbuster films a shot at an Oscar. On the other hand, some see it as an opportunity for snobby voters to continue to treat big budget films as less worthy of the ultimate “Best Picture” prize at the annual awards show.


While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, we just wanted to take a look back over the last decade to guess which film would’ve won the “Popular Film” Oscar for their respective year eligible. Check out the list below, and then give us your picks in the comments!


2018 – Black Panther


This year is only halfway over, but the award is almost certainly going to go to Black Panther. An argument can be said for Avengers: Infinity War, but between the box office success and cultural impact of Black Panther, it’s definitely the odds-on favorite!


2017 – Wonder Woman


There’s going to be quite a few superhero films on this list and for good reason. We’re going to follow up 2018 with Wonder Woman in 2017. Many will point to Logan, as it did garner a nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, but as great of a film as it was, was it more popular or talked about as much as Wonder Woman? Get Out may also have pulled it out as well. All three films would be more than deserving!


2016 – La La Land


Deadpool did really well during Awards Season 2016 but didn’t garner one nomination from the Academy. For that reason, we have to believe it would have been snubbed once again, and as we remember the La La Land/Moonlight fiasco, we have to believe they would’ve somehow managed to give it to La La Land despite more popular films at the box office.


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