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10 Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Comicbook Universe

The world of Marvel is flooded with powerful and sometimes cosmic or mystical artifacts and weapons. They help grant the users and wielders of these items immense abilities or strengths which certainly come in handy when the odds are stacked against them. Check out the list below of 10 extremely powerful weapons found in the Marvel comicbook universe and see if any sound familiar to you!


The Infinity Gauntlet



For those of you that have seen Avengers: Infinity War, which hit theaters earlier this year, then you know just how much this came in clutch for Thanos, whose goal was to wipe out half of the life in the universe. Once the gauntlet has all of the Infinity Stones, there’s virtually nothing the wearer of the weapon can’t achieve.





Only the worthy may wield this mighty hammer, and for a quite a while it has served at Thor’s side. Made from a material called Uru, the hammer was forged by Dwarven blacksmiths. The owner of this hammer can also summon it to their hand from anywhere in the universe.


The Golden Mace



The Golden Mace is Hercules’ weapon and is made from Adamantine, which is close in its make up to Adamantium although not quite as strong. The Golden Mace can break almost anything and can withstand devastating attacks from some of the strongest weapons in the universe.


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