Power. Space. Reality. Marvel Legacy Teases Three Infinity Stones

The Marvel Legacy initiative is Marvel Comics’ effort to reconnect with their roots, much to the pleasant surprise of old-school fans. The comicbook series will also feature some powerful and familiar celestial objects that turn the tide of the storyline, and classic characters will return with newfound power in their grasp, as well (Wolverine in particular).


Ever since the original Wolverine’s return in Marvel Legacy #1, the resurrected hero was shown to be in possession of an Infinity Stone. A poster recently released by Marvel has teased that both Star-Lord and Captain Marvel will have their own gems as well. The teasing image reads, “They Hold INFINITY!” as the bottom text foreshadows the “countdown” beginning in February.


Another Marvel press release has been floating around, saying: “Power. Space. Reality. Three stones collected. Who will hold Infinity? The countdown begins this February!”

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