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Take A Look At Josh Lane’s SuperHero-Glyphics

Star Trek

Josh was very particular about where his figures were to be placed. He wanted Captain Kirk in the “throne” facing his most trusted adviser, Spock. Above is the infamous Gorn that Kirk faced in a hilariously choreographed bare-handed duel in the 1967 Star Trek episode called “Arena.” On the top left you can see the three colored divisions of Starfleet. From left to right, there are the Red (Command Division), Blue (Sciences Division), and Yellow (Operations Division) symbols. It’s questionable why they put the “Red Shirts” in the command division.

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This image depicts a lonely Spider-Man in the proverbial lion’s den, surrounded by terrifying villains and staples of the comic series. To the left is the Vulture while the menacing Green Goblin hovers above. On the top left are creatures symbolizing (from left to right) Doctor Octopus, Venom and Scorpion. All you would need to complete this version of the Sinister Six is Sandman.

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