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Take A Look At Josh Lane’s SuperHero-Glyphics

Josh Lane is a freelance artist, illustrator, and proud geek. He has created some fantastic pieces depicting contemporary icons assuming Ancient Egyptian poses within an updated take on hieroglyphics. The early Bronze Age symbols, examples of “proto-writing,” have taken their place in the storied rituals and exploits of legendary gods, heroes, and royalty.


Take a look at some of Josh’s creations below and marvel at his ability to transform 21st century mythology and combine it with one of the oldest forms of narrative building.

The Avengers

Here we see the Avengers team depicted in somewhat foreshadowing poses. Judging by the crown and staff on the top right, this is the story of their fight against Loki, Thor’s (top left) villainous brother. Notice how Cap and Iron Man are turned towards each other, as if readying for a confrontation. On the top right, you can see Hawkeye’s arrows, Black Panther and Spider-Man’s symbol as well. In the very center is a rising Hulk fist to ruin the party.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Splinter is shown training two of our heroes in a half-shell, specifically Mikey and Leonardo. There is no time for pizza when Krang (top right) is looming overhead. Also, you can see animalistic versions of Bebop and Rocksteady next to what represents the dreaded Foot Clan under the nefarious tutelage of the turtles’ worst enemy, The Shredder.

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