‘Poison-X’ Is A Marvel Crossover For The X-Men Blue Team You Won’t Want To Miss

Writer Cullen Bunn has combined two of his creative endeavors for a unique storyline: Poison-X. Bunn is known for having written for both the Venomverse as well as X-Men Blue. The mutant team will have to face off with the alien symbiote in an upcoming crossover between the two, and the writer had this to say on the subject:


“I’m not sure how much I can give away… It involves alien symbiotes. It involves the Starjammers. It takes the X-Men to the far reaches of space and pits them against a terrible and unexpected foe. This adventure changes the X-Men — some more than others. And — hey! — it’s exciting for me to write a few more issues of Venom!”


The story surrounding the X-Men Blue team will surely take an interesting turn as they deal with their alien foes in the dark reaches of space. One can only speculate as to how this will affect the team in their adventures going forward.


“Because of things that happen in the space adventure, you’re going to see a completely new team of X-Men take shape,” Bunn had said in a recent interview with CBR. “That team will be dealing with some major story threads, including the revelation of Mothervine, the strange secondary mutations that are popping up with some long-standing mutant characters.”

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