Original Script From Rod Serling Inspires ‘Planet of the Apes: Visionaries’ Graphic Novel

Rod Serling is celebrated for his creativity and achievements throughout his time as a screenwriter and more. His work on the Twilight Zone reached controversial and groundbreaking heights with stories based on the plights of his time, whether political or otherwise. He was always uncompromisingly keen on expressing his distaste for any form of censorship on television from both sponsorship and even audience interference.




No doubt, as a writer, Serling has had to fight for the integrity of his work, and in doing so has helped to produce classics such as the 1968 Planet of the Apes screenplay alongside Michael Wilson.




However, throughout the writing process, many edits and changes from Serling’s initial adaptation of Pierre Boulle’s novel were implemented. It is only until now that the screenwriter’s original vision for the sci-fi film is about to become fully realized.

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