One WWE Superstar Is Taking 500 Kids To See ‘Black Panther’

Black Panther will be coming to theaters this month, and on top of breaking pre-sale tickets records, some of the U.S.’s best and brightest students will have the opportunity to catch the movie in theaters thanks to the goodwill of faculty members and a WWE Superstar.




The example of the latter includes Thaddeus Bullard, otherwise known as WWE’s Titus O’Neil, who is participating in the #BlackPantherChallenge, a movement that is enabling kids to see the movie by raising enough money.


“I’m 40 years old, and I’ve never seen a Marvel character that looked like me, as an African-American male,” Bullard said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. “This will be the first time I’ve seen a superhero on screen that looks like me, and I want kids to not only be able to see superheroes on the screen but also to view themselves as superheroes.”




The movement has raised enough money to allow 500 kids from 13-18 to see Black Panther in theaters in Tampa, Brandon, and Wesley Chapel, FL. AMC also graciously waived the $500 fee for renting out those movie theaters.

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