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One Fan’s Theory Explains Odin’s Relationship To The Infinity Stones And Gauntlet

Look back at the last 10 years and 19 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you’ll see that there is still so much to unpack with all of the films, especially when you consider the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Even when you break down all of the films and all of the moments that got us to the place we are now, there is still so much backstory that got the characters to the point that we met them at. We can look back on the source material as well, but even that can lead us astray as things are changed by the screenwriters and directors to have things work on screen.




The best part of the MCU, other than watching the films play out, may be speculating with friends and fellow fans about it. Fan’s theories and ideas get passed around and discussed almost as much as canon. One fan’s theory that’s making its rounds, centering on Odin and his relationship to the Infinity Stones. It’s incredibly interesting, to say the least, and may clear up some questions and plot holes from the films prior to Infinity War. We want to share this theory, piece by piece with you and break down parts of it as well. All credit for the theory goes to Reddit user Bubonis

“Years and years ago, Odin learned about the Infinity Stones through his father, Bor, who was responsible for taking the Reality Stone from the Dark Elves. After his death and Odin’s subsequent rise to power, he (with Hela at his side) began conquering all the realms in order to locate and claim the Stones. Odin found the Space Stone first and this allowed Odin and his armies to travel between realms and conquer them very quickly. During this he commissioned Nidavellir to create a device which would allow him to control all the Stones at will: the Infinity Gauntlet. They created the mould for it and made one casting as a test fit for Odin, complete with fake Stones to give Odin an idea of the grandeur of the finished Gauntlet.”




While this is merely theory we’ll break it down as if it’s real for the sake of the article. The beginning of this theory, shown above, would explain why Odin had a fake Infinity Gauntlet in his vault, which Hela exposed during Thor: Ragnarok. This had been a huge question mark with Infinity War because Thanos had to have done his damage in Nidavellir rather recently to when Thor went there to get Stormbreaker or news would’ve traveled, as the forge seemed to be frequented by more than a couple of people. If the Gauntlet was designed by Thanos then, how could Odin have had one as far back as the first Thor?




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