One Familiar Avenger Joins The Hunt For Tony Stark In Latest Comicbook

“The Search for Tony Stark” continues in the latest Marvel comicbook entitled The Invincible Iron Man #598The ironclad Avenger has gone off the grid and has just about everyone on the hunt to track him down. Where in the world could Tony be, and even if he is somewhere on Earth, is he alive?




Riri Williams AKA Ironheart, Amanda Armstrong, Mary Jane Watson, Arno Stark, Toni Ho, Maddison Jeffries, and now Steve Rogers/Captain America are scouring the globe for Stark. Cap has kind of taken it upon himself to remind the squad that things can get dangerous, especially with Doctor Doom “flying around pretending to be Iron Man.” So it really seems that teamwork will make the dream work, and any over-the-top cowboy antics are prohibited.




Doom has always been a tough and frequent adversary for Stark, so maybe it’s possible that he’s to blame for Tony’s disappearance? In any case, with a huge information and intelligence agency like S.H.I.E.L.D out of operation, they are going to need to pool together all of their resources to get things figured out the old-fashioned way.




Things get really interesting when the Daywalker, Blade, makes an appearance to talk about the future of Tony Stark with Riri Williams. He knows she’s on the case and gives her a lead to follow up on.


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