One Attentive Fan Reveals Several Secret Plot Clues In The SDCC ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Poster

Warning, this post contains heavy spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War


Just because Avengers: Infinity War is out in theaters now, does not mean that the devoted fan base will stop speculating and paying close attention to the lore of the MCU. It’s been two weeks since we finally saw everyone come together to (try) defend the universe against Thanos. The credits have rolled and the deaths are being mourned, but knowing what happens hasn’t made it more comforting. Actually, most of us still look like Tony Stark does in the Iron Man 3 picture below when we think about the ending to Infinity War.




It feels like a loss so real that many of us are going through the five stages of grief on the way to acceptance. In fact, one fan took the time to study the poster from last year’s San Diego Comic Con and it turns out they found a bunch of aspects of the poster that actually gave us preemptive plot points. Of course, no one would know that this poster gave away spoilers for the film since it was released almost a full year ago.




However, even after seeing the film, then looking at the poster and clues that the Reddit user has pointed out, it makes us give the occasional “oh yeah,” and, “true.” Now, none of these Easter eggs have been confirmed by anyone who made the film, so it could technically all be coincidental.




After 10 years into the MCU, however, coincidence is hard to come by, especially when this movie was planned many years in advance, and Kevin Feige has already admitted to be thinking all the way up to 2025.


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