Old Man Hawkeye Comes Knocking For An Old Teammate In New Comicbook

Old Man Hawkeye #3 left us in a very interesting place with Clint Barton in the not too distant future. In this wild wasteland, most heroes have been either killed or have abandoned hope for saving humanity due to Red Skull’s take over going off virtually without a hitch. Although Old Man Hawkeye has been losing his sight rapidly, he still has a score to settle, and won’t go down without a fight.





In issue #3, we see Hawkeye track down Atlas, one of his old teammates from when he was leading the Thunderbolts, a group comprised of old villains wanting to turn their lives around. Unfortunately, when things went south, many of them showed their true colors and reverted to their villainous ways, which left guys like Hawkeye feeling quite betrayed. That’s why he’s hunting down his old allies to settle the score, and Beetle is certainly on that list.




But with Old Man Bullseye on the hunt for Clint, as well as an army of Venom symbiotes, the clock is racing against him in a dangerous game of tag.




Meanwhile, an old weathered Beetle is living a mostly quiet and modest life. He probably has no idea what’s coming for him.


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