Nine Lesser Known Powers Ant-Man Possesses That Can Affect The Future Of The MCU

The Helmet


The suit’s helmet has to be the most important part of the entire set-up. Dr. Pym explained in the films that repeated use of the Pym Particle can have drastic effects on the brain, but the helmet is built in such a way that it counteracts the effects that would normally be caused. On top of that, with the added risk of everyday objects becoming dangerous when he shrinks, it’s sealed so he can’t drown, and it has added protection to handle significant blows. The NFL should look into how Pym built it!


His Level Of Intellect


Scott Lang may come across as aloof at times and the class clown of the MCU, but the truth is, he’s much smarter than anyone gives him credit for. Need proof? Look to the reason he was in jail at the beginning of the first film, and the fact that he was able to infiltrate Cross Technologies. Scott Lang knows his tech, hence the reason he’s been able to be such a successful hero in such an advanced suit.


Space And Time


This may be the most important part of all and may have some far-reaching effects in Avengers 4. The Quantum Realm is full of untapped potential, which includes the possibility of traversing space and time. Janet van Dyne speaks about time vortexes that Scott should avoid, but now that he’s stuck in the Quantum Realm, he may need to explore that option to escape. Without the Time Stone, the Avengers are going to have to find a way to reverse some of the damage Thanos caused. This may be it!


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