Newest ‘Avengers: No Surrender’ Issue Details The Separate Paths The Heroes Take After Victory

The latest issue of Avengers: No Surrender leaves the heroes victorious after a lengthy and difficult game enforced by the Grandmaster and the Challenger. Many sacrifices were made, but in the end, the big “W” is all that matters. But now the question has arisen after the threat has passed: what’s next for the defenders of Earth?




The most immediate task is going to be cleaning up the mess after the battle, which, by the way, is MASSIVE! Although billions of lives have been saved and the planet is back where it should be, the Avengers Mansion is completely totaled, which means that restoration is in order.




Avengers: No Surrender #690 then does a setup to show you the next step in progress for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they depart and go their separate ways after a job well done. For starters, we find Red Wolf and Lightning (taking the place of Hawkeye) joining up to take on more small-scale threats in Texas.




This sounds like a positive way to blow off some much-needed steam after such a HUGE mission. But what about the rest of the Avengers?


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