New ‘X-Men Red’ Comicbook Takes Jean Grey On A Tour Of Past Friends And Foes

When Jean Grey was consumed by the Phoenix Force she lost everything, including her life. But now she is back from the dead and has since relinquished all ties to the entity that consumed her. X-Men Red Annual #1 focuses in on what that return would be like not only for Jean but for the people that care about her and love her.




The Phoenix has risen from the ashes, but what next? Jean’s goal is more or less taking things one step at a time and soaking in the knowledge and memories of what she’s missed while she was in the grave. Luckily for her, she has a pretty big support system in the new, changing world that hates mutants more than ever.




During her tour with the X-Men and a few other familiar faces, Jean makes a point to visit with her daughter from another timeline, Rachel Summers. Jean and Scott would be the parents of Rachel but in another timeline. In this timeline, Scott is dead after the Terrigen Mist incident with the Inhumans, which still sits in a sore lace with most mutants.




Jean and Rachel’s meeting is a very important one, but in order to truly get to know one another, they’ll have to let their defenses down.


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