New Villain Possibly Added To ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Lineup

There’s still a lot of mystery shrouding what’s to come with Marvel Studios’ Phase 4, set to kick off with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The sequel to Homecoming will star Tom Holland again as Peter Parker while bringing back many familiar faces from the first film, both friend and foe, alike.




But there will definitely be some new faces, and one of the most interesting developments around the casting comes from an actor named Numan Acar. Acar was just added to the lineup and will play a character named Dimitri, which some believe may be signaling the arrival of a certain identity-altering villain.




Chameleon is the name, and if our hunch is correct, this character will be more than the average threat for Peter Parker when he gets ready to go on the attack. Chameleon is a master saboteur and can pretty much take on the appearance of anyone he so chooses, according to the original source material.




News surrounding Acar’s persona is pretty quiet at the moment, but we are more than able to try and piece together the breadcrumbs as they tumble in one by one.


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