New Venom TV Spots Showcase The Powers Of The Human/Symbiote Combo

We are about a month away from the big screen debut of Venom, thanks to the collaboration between Marvel and Sony Studios. The hype around the film has been building ever since Tom Hardy was cast to play the symbiote. Now that it seems everything is almost ready for the world to see, all the audience can do is get ready for the wild ride that Venom seeks to bring them on.




With only a few weeks left, it’s about time that TV stations around the world get some Venom trailers and TV spots for one last push of excitement before the release. Having said that, the first round of TV spots have been released!


In the video below, there are two American TV spots plus an Italian ad and Polish ad for the film when it releases in Europe. The two American TV spots show much of the same trailer footage we’ve seen, but there are a few brief clips of Venom in action, to showcase just how powerful the being is when he merges with his human host, Eddie Brock, as well as the other symbiotes we will be encountering in the film (who may or may not be villains to Venom himself.)




Also new in the TV spots is some dialogue by Riz Ahmed’s character, Carlton Drake, who is presumed to be the main villain of the film as head of the Life Foundation. Drake says in the trailer, “Human beings are disposable, but man and symbiote combined… this is a new species.” This could be foreshadowing to his (unconfirmed) eventual merging with the symbiote Riot or simply just an insight into his reasoning to push for such grotesque experiments to be done on humans resulting in the creation of Venom and the other symbiotes.


Check out all of the new TV spots below:


The TV spots show more than ever how much fun Venom has when he is bound to Eddie Brock, and that is surely something we will see the full extent of when the film releases.


Venom releases in theaters in the United States on October 5, 2018.