New Venom Comicbook Shows Us The Symbiote’s First Host

Venom is back and looking better than ever in a brand new comicbook series called The First Host, which is giving us a look into the creatures dramatic past. Turns out Eddie Brock wasn’t the first being to merge with the symbiote, not by a long shot. In fact, things go way back with a Kree warrior by the name of Tel-Kar during a very war-stricken time with his race of beings and the Skrulls.




Venom: First Host #1 opens up with Tel Kar on board a transport ship with a bunch of innocent Kree civilians being held as prisoners.




Tel-Kar has been in deep cover with the Skrulls, and when his group is moments away from murdering a room full of Kree men, women, and children that’s when he springs into action!




The Kree warrior is successfully able to eliminate the immediate threat with only his blaster, and after that is when his truest form begins to manifest.


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