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New Trailer For Marvel Comics’ ‘Infinity Countdown’ Is Out Now!

Over the past few months, Marvel has been planning a massive cosmic event to take place with the help of the universe’s new Infinity Stones. The countdown began with a one-shot reintroducing Adam Warlock into the fray, teaming up with Kang the Conqueror and traveling back in time to stop the ensuing battle for the Infinity Gauntlet. Then Infinity Countdown Prime #1 had revealed some of the odd locations of each Infinity Stone, as well as who in the Marvel Universe has possession of them.




A resurrected Wolverine, Captain Marvel, and the Guardians of the Galaxy have one stone each, but the villains possess the other three. Hank Pym has returned as Ultron and now wields the Reality Stone, Turk Barrett from Daredevil has the Mind Stone and Super-Skrull has the Time Stone.




A recent trailer was released by Marvel Entertainment teasing the upcoming first issue of the Infinity Countdown.

Check Out The Teaser Trailer For Marvel’s Infinity Countdown On Page 2…