New Site Allows You To Become Venom In Moments With A Simple Upload!

If you could suit up as any superhero or villain in the Marvel Universe, regardless of which film studio holds the rights to them, who would you choose? Would you base it strictly on ability? What would make you choose to embody that character on screen?


It’s always interesting to see who gets selected for roles when a new hero or villain is introduced. We as fans are always hoping that the casting director chooses the best person for the role and the majority of the time they do. Case in point, Iron Man. They couldn’t have found a more perfect actor to embody the role than Robert Downey Jr. At this point, he basically is Tony Stark without the tech. In the case of Captain America, both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans were up for the role of Steve Rogers. While Hemsworth lost the role to Evans, he would eventually get to play Thor and it doesn’t seem like it could have worked out any better than it did for the both of them.




Now, we have Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, and once the symbiote and he come in contact, he’ll be Venom. How he does as the Eddie and Venom is still to be seen, but his track record shows us he is more than capable to take on such a massive undertaking. We’ve had a couple of looks at him in the initial teaser and trailer, but we won’t know for sure until the film opens on October 5th.



Let’s get back to the initial question, though. If you were going to choose one character to become, would it be Venom? If you answered yes, we have some great news for you. The people behind the promotion for Venom have come up with a way for you to get your feet wet in terms of becoming Venom, by going to THIS SITE and uploading a picture. Once you do, you can set it up to look just like the Venom poster.




Once you add your face to Venom, drop the saved picture in the comments to compare with the rest of the Venom fans, and SHARE this on Facebook with your friends!