New Ragnarok Deleted Scene Features Thor, Bruce Banner, And A Grandmaster Tentacle Party?

The third installment of the Thor movie series, Thor: Ragnarok is packed with epic action scenes and plot-altering events. Among all of this seriousness, the final cut of the film still kept a healthy amount of comedy throughout the film.


On March 6, Thor: Ragnarok comes to Blu-Ray and DVD, along with plenty of special features and unseen content. If the special features are anything like the film, they will surely involve bright colors and comical dialogue.



Director Taika Waititi spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the process of filming and explained that he shot for the moon in terms of over-the-top material in the film.  “I am always pleasantly surprised that they let me do these weird jokes. It’s almost like all of the elements individually are so ludicrous — the giant wolf and the zombie army and the fire demon — the idea of sticking all of those things together in one film shouldn’t work but it does.”


He also revealed that a lot of the funny scenes came to be by letting the actors stretch their funny bones sayin, “The secret weapon to all of this was letting Chris [Hemsworth] be more himself because he is very funny and that was the part of Thor was not exploited in the right ways. I know he wanted to do more in the other movies but there are just so many characters.”




In anticipation of the home media release, Marvel Studios released one of the deleted scenes from the film, and as imagined, it features a dancing Jeff Goldblum and some great exchanges between Thor and Bruce Banner, another character who isn’t usually considered a “funny” guy.


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