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New Museum Exhibit Gives In-Depth Look At History Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you have the pleasure of living near Queensland, Australia – or you’ve been thinking about traveling to the northeast Aussie state – you have a brilliant opportunity to marvel at one of the most innovative museum exhibits on the planet.


The Queensland Art Gallery is presenting “Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe” throughout the summer.


The exhibit includes over 500 pieces from Marvel’s most popular and acclaimed films, as well as several first-run issues of its most famous comic book heroes like Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man.


Not that there is a shortage of best parts, but one of the most intriguing sections of the exhibit is the inclusion of props like the Asgardian throne room and Hulk’s bed from MCU’s latest masterpiece, Thor: Ragnarok, which will be released in November.


If you can’t make it to Queensland by September, no worries; we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the pieces of the exhibit, such as props, costumes, art and more from the Queensland Art Gallery.

The Collection At The Gallery

Iron Man’s Costumes

A wide shot of a room at the Queensland Art Gallery that is housing the Marvel Comic Universe exhibit.

Spider-Man Mural

The exhibit is a MCU fan’s dream and covers the most popular of Marvel’s characters.

Children Participate In A Workshop

The exhibit engages fans of all ages who appreciate the longstanding history of the MCU!

Children Interact With The Movie Board

For many children, being able to interact with the movie is very exciting.


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