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New Info On ‘Avengers 4’ and ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel Hits The Net

With the success of Avengers: Infinity War continuing in theaters more than a month after its release, due in large part to fans who continue to rush the theaters to see the film multiple times, the anticipation for Avengers 4 keeps growing larger and larger. Adding to this is multiple actors from the film, including Letitia Wright and Dave Bautista among others, speaking to the media and possibly giving away spoilers for the upcoming film. Whether these are slip-ups or intentional, their comments have had tongues wagging. You can see what they had to say by CLICKING HERE




Fans who are eagerly anticipating Avengers 4‘s May 3rd, 2019 opening will be happy to know that they’re still putting in the work necessary to meet and beat expectations for the follow-up to the biggest film in not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s history, but one of the most successful films in box office history. According to Christopher Marc of Omega Underground, Avengers 4 will be beginning reshoots this summer.



That’s not the only news that Mr. Marc let fly on his Twitter account; he also had some info on the sequel to 2016’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. There is speculation that Jake Gyllenhaal has reportedly signed on to play the film’s villain, Mysterio, something many of us are looking forward to. The sequel is also said to include a “femme fatale” character, but nothing has been confirmed on that front. Until we see how Avengers 4 plays out, with Peter Parker’s turning to dust in Infinity War, we won’t know how they plan on moving everything forward. What we do know, according to Christopher Marc, is when the film is expected to finish shooting…



As more information on both of these films becomes available, we’ll be here to let you know, but up next is Ant-Man and the Wasp. The sequel to 2015’s Ant-Man hits theaters on July 6th, 2018!


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