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New ‘Infinity War’ Merchandise Gives One Of The Best Looks At The Black Order So Far

With all of the talk about Avengers: Infinity War circling around either Thanos or the heroes that are banding together to battle him, there’s surprisingly been much less discussion involving the Black Order. These henchmen are out to help Thanos find all six Infinity Stones by any means necessary, so why haven’t we seen much about them? One reason, besides not giving away the entire movie in the trailers, is they’re relatively new to the scene, having first been introduced in 2013.




With little being shown of them on screen in the trailers and TV spots, there hasn’t even been a great look at them until now, at least in their film debut with the MCU. Fathead has gotten in on the marketing and merchandising with their wall decals, and now that they have, we’re able to get a good look at what each of the henchmen from the Black Order will look like in Infinity War.


Corvus Glaive



Corvus Glaive is Thanos’ right-hand man and the defacto leader of the Black Order. He is enhanced with super-human strength and his weapon of choice, the glaive, can slice through anything with incredible precision. As an added bonus, as long as the glaive remains intact and unbroken, he can be revived after death, rendering him basically immortal.


Cull Obsidian



Also known as Black Dwarf, Cull Obsidian is known to have superhuman strength and density, as well as unbreakable skin that can deflect almost any attack. In the comics, he was the first to attack Wakanda, and knowing the third act will be the battle for Wakanda, may give us some insight on how we get there.

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