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New Infinity War Character Posters Show A Whopping 23 Superheroes

It’s down to weeks now until Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters! And the folks at Marvel Studios have a seemingly endless bank of press shots and posters designed to emphasize the gravity of the film to come.


This week comes a set of character posters that features each (or almost each) of the heroes on their own. From Asgard to the Astral Plane and beyond, this really is a massive assembling of characters of all shapes and sizes (meaning teenage Groot and Rocket) to fight. Yes, of course, the size of the cast is not new news, but when almost every character has their own poster, you can really tell!



We have the Fab 4 up first, featuring Tony Stark in his new suit, Steve Rogers in his new beard, Thor in his new eye patch, and the Hulk… well some things are better off unchanged. Three out of these four original Avengers have people worrying about their fates, so they will need all the help they can get.



Wong is getting in on the action since his 2016 debut in Dr. Strange. The New York sanctum is the home of one of the Infinity Stones, worn by Strange himself, so Wong has an important job of keeping it safe. Rhodey seems to have mended since his partially paralyzing fall in Civil War, so he’s back in action. Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, is also back in action after escaping prison with the rest of Team Cap at the end of Civil War. Hopefully Tony and Rhodey don’t still blame him for Rhodey’s injury.


This is just the beginning. See more of the Infinity War posters on the next page…