New Hellboy Character Poster Debuted At New York Comic Con

The making of a Hellboy reboot has been on the pipeline for many years now, but it seems that all the plans have finally come to fruition. The rebooted film based on the famous graphic novels is set to come to theaters next year, so now is the perfect time to begin slowly releasing material and content so fans can learn a little bit about what is next for our favorite demon.


The film comes after the two cult classics created by Guillermo Del Toro in the early 2000’s, so this time around, the new filmmakers set out to honor the previous material while still giving fans new things to be excited about, such as the casting of Stranger Things‘ David Harbour as the leading role.




Besides Harbour’s casting as the titular anti-hero, an all-star cast has also been gathered to continue this story, but we have yet to see any of them in action. Earlier this week, the first teaser poster for Hellboy was released and it showed Harbour in all his red, horned glory, but none of the other awesome cast members. This was released just before New York Comic Con began, in which Hellboy had its own panel. Clearly, the teaser poster was just that, as a teaser for fans ahead of the real meat and bones to be revealed during the cast and creator panel.




Now that the panel has happened, it looks like the rest of the cast will finally have it’s Hellboy debut! This comes in the form of an exclusive new poster featuring Hellboy front and center and the rest of the cast, allies and enemies alike, surrounding him.


Pictured below, besides Hellboy of course, is Professor Broom (Ian McShane,) the villainous Blood Queen (Milla Jovovich,) Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim,) and Alice Monoghan (Sasha Lane,) among some gruesome looking creatures, as well as London’s Big Ben clock tower. Check it out below:




The cast in attendance at NYCC this weekend signed a bunch of posters for fans in attendance, but luckily for us, this part of Hellboy‘s presence at the convention was not kept under wraps for very long. For those of us that couldn’t make it to the con, at least we can see the full poster!


Hellboy, starring David Harbour, is coming to theaters on April 12, 2019!