New Fan-Made Poster Gives Us The Carnage Film We Now Know We Need!

When it was announced that Sony would be making a solo film centered around Venom, fans of the character got excited. While we’ve seen Eddie Brock/Venom already in Spider-Man 3, they didn’t quite live up to many of our expectations. When we learned that Tom Hardy would be playing the role of Brock, our excitement grew even higher, but when the rumor popped that Woody Harrelson would be starring as Cletus Kasady we all lost our collective minds. Venom and Carnage with Tom¬†Hardy and Woody Harrelson? Sign us up, now!




As time has passed and more information has come out, that doesn’t actually seem to be the case. While Harrelson is starring in the role many believe to be Cletus Kasady, it’s said to be a small role and Hardy’s Venom will be battling multiple enemies, mainly the Life Foundation. With Sony and Marvel Studios having a deal with the rights to Spider-Man, many folks are still hoping to see an appearance by Peter Parker, but there’s been no confirmation or outright denial as of yet. Regardless of who’s in the film, if they get Venom right, everyone will be happy leaving the theater.




Not everyone has given up on the idea of Carnage in Venom, though. Even if Cletus Kasady is only a small part of the film, it could set up a future battle of the symbiotes. It could also be one of those surprises that sets up the future. We all know anything is possible with comicbook films. Instagram user @syndicateprimes went a step further and imagined what a Carnage film would look like from a poster perspective. This fan art is a great adaptation from the Venom posters we’ve seen so far. What do you think, should the Carnage film get the green light?



We won’t know exactly what happens in the film until Venom opens on October 5th of this year, but we can hope and dream!


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