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New Construction Footage From Disneyland Shows Progress On Star Wars Land

The current release date for “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” is next year and although that may seem like a ways away, such a grand scale creation takes nonstop attention, as Disneyland visitors can see from the cranes and hammering from behind Frontierland.


Last year, at the D23 Expo, a 3D model was made to show anxious guests just how much detail is being put into the land of Batuu. This model is detailed enough as it is, and with another year of construction still to go, there’s still plenty of time to add more.



In addition to this, we can finally see a close-up at how all the buildings are coming along. Check out the “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” construction video below:



Although there is still a lot of work to be done, there is no denying that the buildings are indeed going up! The year 2019 seems like a long time from now, but as we’ve seen with other Star Wars projects, they arrive with, dare we say it, hyper-speed.

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