New Chibi Style Comicbook Teams Spider-Man And Inferno Up Against Venom!

Spider-Man is the kind of guy that you can always count on no matter what the situation is. As long as he feels the sense of responsibility to act, you can bet that he will selflessly spring into action and put others first, which is one amazing quality for a hero to have. “With great power, comes great responsibility” has been his mantra since his Uncle Ben passed away tragically, and you’ll find that Spidey is willing to help instill some of those same values in others in the new Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Inferno #1 comicbook!





In this chibi style comicbook adventure you’ll notice that all of the heroes and villains look a bit tinier than normal, but that is totally the intention. In many ways it allows a younger Marvel audience to jump on board and learn about the universe in a way that’s appealing and allows other “True Believers” who appreciate the art style to dive into a comicbook that’s visually unlike others, traditionally speaking.




We catch up with the web-slinger in the heart of NYC about to lay the smackdown on a certain symbiote by the name of Venom!




As the battle escalates and civilians scatter, one red-haired onlooker thinks it’s a good idea to send in some additional backup to help Spider-Man on the job.


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