New ‘Captain Marvel’ Easter Egg Uncovered In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Home Release

The Black Order finally made their first big screen appearance in Avengers: Infinity War when it premiered globally earlier this year. It gave us a look at the chosen warriors beside the Mad Titan Thanos and proved just how ferocious they were. But now, with the home release of the film that’s packed full of extras and audio commentary, people now have more of an opportunity to really sit down and analyze the movie. With that, there was a popular theory going around that The Black Order’s Obsidian Cull may have had a connection to Captain Marvel.




Captain Marvel was teased in the post-credit scene that showed Nick Fury using a small “pager” type device to send out a message of sorts to Carol Danvers. Her insignia was clearly shown on the small screen, which makes perfect sense considering Brie Larson’s upcoming debut in the Captain Marvel movie next year.




In wake of all the Captain Marvel movie hype, we’ve gotten to see many costume teasers revealing color schemes which appear to stay pretty true to the original comicbook source material from the green base to the very familiar red, gold, and blue. Now, this is where Obsidian Cull comes back in. Check out what’s tied neatly on his right hip!




The general idea on the Internet is that it looks like a piece of Captain Marvel’s uniform, if not the sash itself, but recently, that was debunked as an optical illusion.


According to Alex Leadbeater of SR, “While the images haven’t been doctored, they are a result of the muted lighting of the New York City showdown making Cull Obsidian look a different color to what he is. Promotional art and merchandise for the character reveal the truth: that the cloth – and indeed everything about his body that appears to be red – is presented as orange. This means that, at the very least, it’s not in Captain Marvel’s colors.”




It is possible, however, that someone was on to something by noticing the pattern on the cloth. In the picture, there is a clear double line pattern separating the two colors, which are pretty iconic when you consider Captain Marvel’s garb and other Kree belongings. Although this potential Easter egg is confirmed as an optical illusion, scouring Marvel content for clues is definitely the right way to go about it. Who knows, there still could be other little breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout that we haven’t caught onto yet.


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