New Captain Marvel Comicbook Dives Into Her Troubled Past And Traumatic Family History

Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel is easily Earth’s Mightiest Hero, with her strength topping even the likes of Thor and the Hulk. Even though she can almost always punch her problems away, there are some things that even she can’t escape, such as her traumatic family history. The Life of Captain Marvel #1 opened up Carol’s past earlier this summer and allowed us to see what keeps the hero up at night, and it certainly isn’t your average villain. Now #2 continues the story . . .




Since she was a little girl, Danvers and her brothers had a very strained relationship with their abusive father. Her mother didn’t do much in the way of protecting her children from the alcoholism and rage that came at home, and there are some very REAL emotional scars that have kept Danvers away from NY as an Avenger. Tony Stark has been trying his hardest to get her to come back to work, but after her brother suffered a terrible brain injury in a car accident (that she could have prevented), now isn’t the time to have her back in the field. Danvers needs some answers and some time to heal and figure things out for herself.




Things get even more interesting when Danvers finds a love letter addressed to a mystery woman, which is clearly in her father’s handwriting. Knowing now that he also cheated on her mom is a tough burden to bear on top of what’s going on with her brother’s health.




As Danvers looks for the strength to talk to her mother about her findings, we dive deeper into her psyche to understand where all of the darkness is coming from.

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