New Amazing Spider-Man Comicbook Reveals Wild Revelation About Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 has introduced an exciting new twist that almost rivals the Captain America “Hail Hydra” scenario that took place in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1. Although the surprise in storytelling doesn’t necessarily challenge Peter Parker or Spider-Man’s internal character and personality as a whole, it does lead you to believe that he may be in over his head this time.




Everything in this issue starts off pretty well for Pete. His love life with Mary Jane has taken a huge upswing, and crime fighting isn’t presenting any more trouble than usual either. Things, however, do get interesting when Peter arrives at the Empire State Campus for class and is confronted by The Lizard at the head of the room. Turns out Doctor Connors has figured out a way to suppress¬†the Lizard’s rage and control his transformations with the help of an adamantium inhibitor chip implanted in his neck. This information is enough to stop Peter from freaking out entirely about his new school professor and gives him a moment alone with the doctor to talk about something quite interesting.



So, Doctor Connors his hoping to entirely separate the Lizard from his human being, which would allow him to be free from the curse of transformation. Unfortunately as with any good comicbook story, a couple of super villains come smashing through the door to interrupt a good thing in progress.




It’s none other than Task Master and the Black Ant making a big entrance so that they can nab the Isotope Genome Accelerator for themselves!


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