Netflix Releases A Tumblr Blog Full Of Jessica Jones Reaction Gifs

As it draws closer to the Jessica Jones season 2 premiere, Netflix is getting creative with its marketing techniques. Since Season 1, plus Jones’ stint in The Defenders, the super-strong private eye is coming back for a second season. This time, to explore her own past, rather than the pasts of others.




Out of all of the Marvel heroes on Netflix, Jessica Jones will be the first to have her own show continue on after the events of The Defenders. There is also speculation that the crazed villain from the first season, Kilgrave, will somehow be making an appearance in Jessica Jones Season 2, despite his apparent death in Season 1. Needless to say, there is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming continuation of Jessica Jones’ story.


One of the most prominent features of Jessica Jones, and all of the other characters in the show, are their sarcastic and dry remarks.


Between Jessica herself, her lawyer friend Jeri Hogarth, and her sister and best friend, Trish Walker, the cast seems to have a collective superpower of thinking of clapbacks to say.




To showcase this trait, Netflix has gone to one of the most fandom-based parts of the internet, Tumblr.


The Jessica Jones blog that has popped up on Tumblr revolves around a series of GIFs that convey emotions from happiness and anger to disgust, and just the plain old desire to drink and forget your problems.


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