Netflix And ‘Daredevil’ Use Craigslist For A Very Clever Season 3 Promotion

The days of traditional promotion for television and film are over. While there was once a time that studios relied on advertising on television, radio, and billboards as a means to get the word out about upcoming shows and films, the Internet has added so many other options that the more innovative marketing teams can be, the better. Social media has turned simple plans into opportunities for them to go viral, and in 2018, that may be the most effective, both in views and in cost, as it gets, and the team behind Daredevil just took their promotion to an unexpected place.




Daredevil Season 3 is just about a week away from debuting on Netflix, and the marketing team went to Craigslispromotermote the show, and they were very clever in the way they went about it. Sure, the ad has since been flagged for removal and taken down, but some eagle-eyed fans were able to spot it and now we’re able to share it with you. Check out the Daredevil ad below…


“Spacious loft apartment located in heart of Hell’s Kitchen, left virtually unscathed by recent tremors. Hardwood floors and exposed brick from floor to ceiling. Marvel at the reclaimed industrial windows that provide a must-see view of Hell’s Kitchen. At night, brilliant neon lights across the street bathe the apartment in a soothing, warm ambiance.


Previous tenant left without notice, so apartment comes fully furnished! Kitchen features a modern wooden bar and floating kitchen shelves for additional storage. Apartment is outfitted with sliding doors and an open floor plan, great for anyone with accessibility needs. Within walking distance of a boxing gym, courthouse and local law offices.


With an apartment this nice, you’ll feel like you’re living a double life. Don’t miss out, this apartment will be available October 19.”




Once you know what you’re looking at, the references start popping out for you, one after the other. This ad just goes to show, in this day and age, anything and everything can be effective if done correctly!



Daredevil Season 3 debuts on Netflix on October 19th…


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